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SG-17B SHDSL modem

SG-17B SHDSL modem

Product designation

SG-17B SHDSL modem for traffic transmission between Ethernet and SHDSL interfaces.


Technical characteristics

  • G.SHDSL linear interface parameters:
    • Interface type: G.SHDSL (ITU-T G.991.2.bis recommended);
    • Link type: point-to-point;
    • Number of wires in a line: 2 (one pair);
    • Transfer rate, kbit/s: 192-15296;
    • Line code: ТС-РАМ;
    • Link type: full duplex;
    • Compatibility: with SG-17B* modems SG-17B*, with Ipcam-20PD, Ipcam-04PDN IP-cameras, with SHDSL MR-17H*, MR-17H*P modules, installed on SG-17R (SG-17AM) tub, with SG-17EP regenerators;
  • Ethernet parameters:
    • Interface type: 10/100 BaseT;
    • Number of ports: 1;
    • Operation mode: half and full duplex;
    • Compatibility: ANSI/IEEE Std 802.3;
    • MDI/MDI-X automatic detection: available;
  • USB parameters:

    • Protocol: USB 2.0;

    • Connector type: miniUSB;

  • Power supply:
    • Local, VDC: 3,3 (optional 12);

    • Power consumption, W: ≤ 2;
  • Other characteristics:
    • Modem size:
      • height, mm: 25.5;
      • width, mm: 85;
      • depth, mm: 120;
    • Weight, g: 310;
  • Service conditions:
    • Air temperature: 10 – 80°С;
    • Relative humidity:  up to 85%;
    • Air pressure: 84 – 107 kPa.


Rate table
Rate, kbit/s0.5 mm cable, km0.9 mm cable, km (*)1.2 mm cable, km (*)
(*) - not all data obtained expermentally.


SG-17B SHDSL modem  is considered to be the fastest among similar devices, the transfer rate reaching 15 296 kbit/s over single pair. The modem features an extended operating distance compared to that of g.shdsl.bis in the diapason under 5.7 Mbit/s.

SG-17B SHDSL modem  is designed to unite distributed local networks, link up remote machines and Ethernet-featuring devices. The modem allows transmitting the VLAN IEEE 802.1Q tags either via SHDSL or Ethernet.

SG-17B SHDSL modem  may be used both for connections in symmetric-pair mode and for linking-up to central access units based either on SG-17AM, which functions as a 16 SHDSL ports DSLAM, or on SG-17R, which functions a router. Up to 6 SHDSL ports may be linked to a single SG-17R based on the SG-17R-1RU-CP1-4ETH platform. Up to 8 SHDSL ports may be linked to a single SG-17R based on the SG-17R-1RU-CP2-3SFP platform.

The modem configuration of the Master modem is carried out via switches, USB-port or via RS232 for special design. When linked to SG-17AM or SG-17R the modem functions as Slave modem. Configuration of linear parameters of the Salve modem runs automatically in accordance to the Master settings. SG-17B SHDSL modem enables reception of different parameters of the SHDSL channel via the EOC control channel. 

If the modem is linked to the SHDLS module of the SG-17R, installed on the base platform, complete automatic remote setting up of the connection line is possible. In this case the Master modem may be set up from any remote location, where network connection to SG-17R is available, and information on statistic gathering is available via SNMP, web-interface or console, installed of the base platform. 

SG-17B SHDSL modem default kit features 3.3V local powering from 220V ac adapter.

Additional modifications with different powering:

  • SG-17B – local 12V powering, for example, for operation within various devices; %%power tip_3%%
  • SG-17BP – remote powering from the information line. If manufactured on demand, the modem may provide power transition from the 120-240V line to other devices. When transited, the power reaches 25 W, if the modem is linked over MR-17H2P2 module;
  • %%power tip_5%%
  • SG-17BT – local 12V or 48V powering, for example, for operation within the IP-camera shell that features built-in power sources.

Modem design:

  • Classical design: compact-size ergonomic case ;
  • %%tip_2%%
  • The modem may be manufactured in air-proof IP-67 design for harsh climatic conditions;
  • %%tip_4%% %%tip_5%%
  • A plug-in user interface for Sigrand Ipcam-20PD and Ipcam-04PDN IP-cameras was designed on the basis of the modem.

Usage examples

Linking a group of local and remote IP-cameras to the network over commutator

Групповое подключение локальных и удаленных IP-камер к сети через коммутатор

Usage example description

Purpose: linking different IP-cameras to information network over different interfaces. The cameras are linked to a standard PoE-featuring Ethernet commutator. The remote Ipcam-20PD/Ipcam-04PDN Sigrand IP-camera is linked over SG-17B SHDSL modem. Remote arbitrary IP-camera is linked over two SG-17B SHDSL modems. Transfer rate on the line for remote link-up reaches 15296 kbit/s over single pair. Local arbitrary IP-camera is linked to the commutator over PoE.

Using in usage example products and product groups
SG-17B SHDSL modem, SHDSL модем SG-17B-12-M, SHDSL модем SG-17B-3.3-M, SHDSL модем SG-17B-48-M, ( IPcam-1,2/DM368/MT9M034/D, IPcam-1,2/DM368/MT9M034/E, IPcam-3,1/DM368/AR0331/D, IPcam-3,1/DM368/AR0331/E )

Uniting Ethernet networks using SHDSL, up to 15.2 Mbit/s over single pair

Объединение Ethernet сетей с использованием SHDSL технологии со скоростью до 15,2 Мбит/c по одной паре

Usage example description

Purpose: uniting remote points (single computers or local Ethernet networks) over bridge link with shared addressing. Transfer rate over single pair reaches 15296 kbit/s. SG-17B allows translating VLAN IEEE 802.1Q tags either over SHDSL or over Ethernet interfaces. 

Using in usage example products and product groups
SG-17B SHDSL modem, SHDSL модем SG-17B-12-M, SHDSL модем SG-17B-3.3-M, SHDSL модем SG-17B-48-M

Linking users and networks to central access point for «Ethernet» and «E1 + Ethernet» mixed traffic transmission using SHDSL

Подключение к центральному узлу доступа абонентов и сетей для передачи разнородного трафика «Ethernet» и «E1 + Ethernet»  с использованием SHDSL технологии

Usage example description

Purpose: setting up company-wide central access node to unite several remote Ethernet networks or single computers and connecting E1/G.703-featuring equipment. Several DSL interfaces of SG-17R may operate simultaneously in different modes, thus completing data multiplexing, data routing and acting as a firewall. Transfer rate over each pair reaches 14080 kbit/s. Up to 3 E1 modules may be installed, single DSL module used. The max capacity of one E1 module (MR-17G*) is 8 channels. Up to 6 DSL pairs may be simultaneously linked to a single SG-17R. 


Using in usage example products and product groups
SG-17B SHDSL modem, SHDSL модем SG-17B-12-M, SHDSL модем SG-17B-3.3-M, SHDSL модем SG-17B-48-M, ( SG-17R-1RU-CP1-4ETH/220VAC-W1 base platform, SG-17R-1RU-CP1-4ETH/DC base platform, SG-17R-1RU-CP2-3SFP/220VAC-W1 base platform ), ( Module MR-17G1, Module MR-17G2, Module MR-17G4, Module MR-17G8 ), ( Module MR-17H1, Module MR-17H1P2, Module MR-17H2, Module MR-17H2P2 )

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Windows driver for setting up terminal when linked over USB: stmcdc.inf.

Windows X64 driver for setting up terminal when linked over USB: vcpdriver_v1.1_setup.exe.


 User's guide is available here (PDF).

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The Sigrand SG-17B SHDSL modem holds the “Declaration of conformity” issued by the Federal Communications Agency of the Russian Federation on October 8, 2008, №DTS-2553

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5 years

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