31.08 2009

IP-video transfer over great distances

it is the material prepared for CCTV 2009 catalogue to be published on September, 2 2009 by Groteck publishing house (www.groteck.ru). The electronic edition of the catalogue in iMag format is available 

13.08 2009

SG-17B is now ready for bulk delivery

A significant number of modems from the new SG-17B line with 15.2 Mbit/s on single pair are now available. Today SG-17B is the fastest and one of the most affordable modems. Take a minute to compare! According to www.price.ru the prices for various SHDSL modems fall within the following range: 


09.04 2009

Testing the SG-17B SHDSL 15,2 Mbit/s on the unique Baikal neutrino telescope

In March 2009 Irkutsk Nuclear Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Science sent an expedition to the NT200+ Baikal neutrino telescope (baikalweb.jinr.ru).
When the lake was still covered with ice the underwater apparatus was pulled out of the water. Tests of the new SG-17B SHDSL modem took place among other planned activities. The new modem features the highest transfer ...
19.03 2009

The Federal Communications Agency of the Russian Federation authorizes using the fastest SHDSL modems on communication lines

The Sigrand SG17 telecommunication equipment underwent the registration procedure in the Federal Communications Agency of the Russian Federation. Certification tests were run to conform to the following operating requirements:


“Application rules for the cable and optical system equipment for subscriber access transfer”, confirmed by the order of the ...
11.01 2009

The new Web interface for the SG-16R and SG-17R routers is now faster and easier

New control web interface is now available for the SG-16R and SG-17R routers.
The new interface makes it much easier to configure the device and control its state. Both routers operate under GNU/Linux OS and have completely compatible software. The SG-16R router is a SHDSL router and features 1 or 2 built-in SHDSL interfaces that run at 1016 kbit/s on one pair. The SG-17R router is ...
26.11 2008

New extension modules for the Sigrand SG-17R multipurpose platform

New extension modules for GNU/Linux-operated Sigrand SG-17R multipurpose platform are now available on order. The SG-17R multipurpose platform designed to operate as a router, firewall, bridge, multiplexer and interface converters. Te platform supports the following interfaces: Ethernet, SHDSL (up to 14080 kbit/s on one pair), E1(G.703), Wi-Fi, FXO/FXS (VoIP). Up to 4 extension modules may ...
06.11 2008

The fastest and the most compact SHDSL modem

The new SG-17B SHDSL modem running at 14 Mbit/s on one pair is designed for operation in unique measuring system complexes, Automatic Process Control Systems etc, which use copper dedicated lines as communication medium. The main features of the modem are record-breaking rate and compact size. Due to the compact size the modem may be manufactured in various shape factors. For instance, ...
10.07 2008

SG-17R: technical decisions based on new technologies

The list of mostly typical examples of the universal multiservice platform SG-17R usage is made. The given suggestions demonstrate the using of new designs directed at the corporative sector needs, telecoms operators, providers, creating of new telemetry data receiving systems, etc. Download ...

06.05 2008

VoIP based on the universal multiservice platform SG-17R

The delivery of MR-17V voice modules supporting the VoIP technology for the universal platform SG-17R is started. The product contains the basic module where up to 4 FXO and FXS modules can be installed. Each of submodules has two channels for both station and service side. Thus, up to 8 channels and interface of the similar type can be acquired, or a “hybrid” variant, combining ...

17.04 2008

New algorithm for the “bonding” mode for SG-17R platform is implemented

Nowadays it is possible to unite freely channels with different bandwidth and aggregate effectively the rests of the IP-traffic bands within the using of the mode of E1+Ethernet multiplexing in pairs having the similar line speed, but different number of slots. Bonding-mode allows keeping the channel safe independently on the operability of any pair as a part of a common trunk, and also unite ...

21.02 2008

14 Megabit version SG-17 is available for order

New version suggests MR-17H/ MR-17HP2 modules - for one and MR-17H2/ MR-17H2P2 – for two channels, and regenerators SG-17EP – for one - and SG-17E2P – for two pairs. New possibilities allow transferring up to 6 E1 streams and while using multiple-wire enclosure, the total speed rises in amount of used ...

04.02 2008

SG-17R platform functionality of the actual software version

Concise description of SG-17R platform functionality of r890 version:

  • Remote software update; 
  • Configuration via web-interface; 
  • Configuration saving and rebuilding;
  • Saving of interchangeable interface settings with binding to the slot’s number;
  • Logging of events;
  • Independent adjustment of Ethernet switchboard ...
28.01 2008

Ethernet-services based on VLAN for SG-17R

An additional functionality, providing the work of different Ethernet-services based on VLAN technology which allows dividing different users’ traffic, transferred in the single data transfer was implemented for multiservice platform SG-17.

Configuration of VLAN and the other types of Ethernet services is realized via administration web-interface. Configuration description is ...

24.01 2008

Multiple-pair mode based on SG-17R

The testing SG-17R platform of one of “Rotelecom plc.” Siberian subsidiary’s object was realized. The work took place in Kochenevo district of Novosibirsk region. For organization of communication in 15,6 km long area, 6 pairs of wires were used. Connection was realized by means of SG-17R 1RU routers containing three MR-17H2 (2xSHDSL) modules each of them. The data transfer ...

26.11 2007

The fastest modems are here as before :)!

SHDSL Sigrand SG-17 has operating speed up to 14 Mbit/sec working via one pair. The testing of updated version of modems SG-17+ on the cable with section 0,5 mm was made.

Kbit/sec – m

14080 - 1200

12800 - 1200

11520 - 1400

10240 - 2000

9216 - 2200

8192 - 2400

7168 - 3000

6144 - 3400

5696 - 3600

5120 - 3800 ...

21.11 2007

New chapter is added

A new chapter, concerning digital video cameras is added into the “production” category. There is the information about the new type of goods, prepared ...

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