Sigrand LLC is a Russian leading company in the design and manufacture of telecommunication equipment. Our company is continuing to extend the trend of xDSL-modems, which was successfully started by Granch Company ( Our team of designers and managers has a 10-year experience of working on IT projects performed in the company starting since 1996. Since that time, several modem generations for physically separated data circuits have been designed and released by our company. SBNI16-4.6Мbps modem for double-conducting circuits created by our specialist became the first one in Russian market which speed was twice that time standard, G.SHDSL – 2.3 Мbps.

Sigrand LLC started a new life as a stand-alone company in 2005 focusing on telecommunication technology. The modems with the trademark “Sigrand SG-16” are still the fastest among those of the same standard. The data rate via double-conducting circuits is 6 Mbps. The range of products is represented by modems, multiplexers, routers, and regenerators. We are moving fast to bring new products to the IT area. All the equipment we produce has been tested and “the Declaration of Correspondence” of Russian Federation Communication Agency has been issued. Warranty is 5 years for all the products. All the manufactured articles are in stock.

Sigrand LLC invites all companies, such as distributors and integrators of the network equipment, to cooperation for making a partnership in selling the products of our company.

We would be pleased to work with you in a close cooperation and adapt the manufacturing articles to the market needs.